At Present

To anyone reading this, I’ll say now that it’s just another test post to bulk out the blog a bit. I’m getting the hang of this a bit better now, and am close to writing my first real post. Exciting stuff. At present it’s 2:42am and my coffee cup is empty. I’ve assigned the next few hours to working on this blog, which means I’ve naturally got a nice playlist of music set up to accompany me through until 4am, and a lovely clean organised desk at which to work. Whilst my sleeping pattern is horrendous at the moment, there’s a second reason I’m staying up so late.

Tomorrow is my brother’s passing out parade. I might have the title wrong, but he’s completed his basic training in the army and is now an ‘air troop’. It’s fantastic news and I’m really happy for him, but not all that surprised as I knew he’d do it. The plan is to be up for 4am, leaving the house at 5am. Knowing that I wouldn’t be in bed anyway until at least 3am, I thought “Why not use this time to get this done?” Plus, I think my blog is still linked to my social networks. If it is, then it means that by morning any status updates saying that I’ve updated my blog will be buried, and no-one will complain about me ‘spamming’ their Facebook walls.

The weather will prove to be an issue as the huge band of snow coming in from the west is, I believe, over Wales right now. As the day progresses, it’ll move further east until it covers our entire journey to Surrey and back. Great. My plan is to sleep on the journey down, then again on the way back up.

With that said, it’s time for another cup of coffee. Apologies to anyone reading for such a boring post, it’s just another test one so I can see how the blog looks with several posts.


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