Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Parents


I guess I’ve always been rather regretful of the fact that I never did this ‘rite of passage’ into adulthood. Going abroad with all your mates, pockets full of cash and not a care in the world, getting as drunk as possible with the intention of bedding as many like-minded individuals as possible. Whilst I still have the rest of my life ahead of me, I’ve started to question whether or not it’s too late, or even if I’d enjoy it that much at all?

Picture the image. You’ve arrived in Greece, dumped your stuff in your hotel and you’re off out almost instantly into the blistering sunshine, necking cocktails and chatting up girls (or guys) dressed in, well, not much, and your chances of success are let’s face it, pretty high.

Whilst I’m no Will McKenzie from the beloved The Inbetweeners, I get the feeling that before dashing out into the wilderness leaving the hotel looking like a jumble sale, I’d prefer to assign beds and drawers to each person. I’d feel better knowing that everyone had their own towel already put out, that everyone’s toiletries were neatly organised in the bathroom, and that we first establish an understanding that each person had their own space for clothes and belongings and such, so that when we return to the room we can climb instantly into bed, and wake up the next day in a tidy, stress free environment, having to deal only with the inevitable hangover.

I love the program, and each time I watch it I do ask myself “Why haven’t I done that?”. It is something I would enjoy to no end, and whilst I’m not all that big on ‘one night stands’ either (having never done one – it’s just not me) I know that I would have a fantastic time. Yet come the scenes where the lads are dossing about the hotel room, hung over or getting ready for a night out, the thought of leaving the room in such a chaotic mess leaves me with a feeling of…“perhaps I’m past it?”

Or perhaps I’m just too anal about organisation and tidiness. Like Will, I’ll defend to the death my argument that being tidy, neat and organised is how it should be, and that to be messy, unstructured and chaotic is simply wrong, in all aspects of life. However like Will, I’d be better off keeping my mouth shut and just getting on with it.

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