As mentioned before in my initial blog post, this blog will be primarily for myself. It’s a way for me to get down on digital paper any thoughts or views I may have, whilst at the same time, it doubles up quite nicely as an easily accessible reference point for friends and such. For me, it’s a form of expression which exceeds the boundaries of Facebook and Twitter in that I’m not limited to how many characters I can/should use.

I don’t expect an audience as such, but to anyone who does find themselves reading my posts then there’s a few things I’d like to make clear.

  1. I imagine at times I may touch on some topics which bear a political or even philosophical nature. If that’s the case, then all views and opinions are entirely my own and are based purely on my own opinions. Any prior reading or exposure to sources which contribute significantly towards my writings will be referenced appropriately.
  2. Following on from the above it’s very likely that when discussing topics of a philosophical nature, it may seem like I’m simply paraphrasing someone else’s work. If it does appear so, yet I haven’t made clear any prior reading or research, then it’s because there was no prior reading or research. I’m certain that particular ideas or views I may have will have been discussed beforehand at some point. If that is the case and you as a reader are aware of works that are based around a similar idea, then please leave a comment directing me towards them.
  3. Discounting the above, this blog is intended to be a light-hearted piece. I’m fairly new to ‘blogging’, but it’s something I really do enjoy. Please do leave a comment if you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written, and if you haven’t then by all means let me know. Providing all comments are clean and constructive, I look forward to replying to them.

With that said, it’s time for a fresh cup of tea and perhaps a slice of toast. Enjoy.


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